Chlorine is toxic

Chlorine is used to keep our water clean by disinfecting it and killing germs. And it does a marvellous job at eliminating most pathogens from the water we drink. Chlorine is the reason why drinking water in Spain is safe to drink, but chlorine has many negative sides, it is the number one reason why you should install a water filtration system. Our filtration systems eliminate the chlorine problem, order your filters today!

Chlorine-contaminated water can cause a number of health problems, including:

Increased Risk of Cancer
According to a report from the U.S. Council of Environmental Quality, the cancer risk for people who drink chlorinated water is up to 93% higher than for those whose water does not contain chlorine. Scientists claim that other chlorinated by-products also play a role in causing cancer. These chlorine by-products trigger the production of free radicals in the body, resulting in carcinogenic cell damage. While the concentration of these products is relatively low, scientists believe they are responsible for causing a majority of the cancers in the US.

Hazardous for Your Children’s Health
According to different studies, drinking and long-term exposure to chlorinated water can potentially increase the risks asthmatic attacks particularly in children who do not have improved airway systems. In other studies, rodents that were exposed to chloramines and chlorine developed tumours in their intestines and kidneys. If exposed to the skin, chlorine contaminated water can cause irritation and burn the skin as well.

Cell Damage
Chlorine can be described as a pesticide whose sole purpose is to cause damage to living organisms. Drinking water contaminated with chlorine destroys cells and tissues inside our body. This explains the carcinogenic behaviour of chlorine.

Increases the Risk of Asthma
Drinking chorine contaminated water and swimming in chlorinated pools increases the risk of respiratory problems, such as asthma, particularly in children. Showering and bathing in chlorinated water can also increase the risk of eczema in children. Showering with unfiltered water may also cause the following symptoms:
Tightness in chest
Weak cough
Mild sore throat
Increased dryness in throat
Irritation in nasal passages
Results in Heart Problems

Chlorine added to your water supply can pose serious threats to your cardio-vascular health. Scientist, Dr. Joseph Price, conducted a test. He used two groups of chickens as his test subjects to find out the basic cause of atherosclerosis that eventually leads to strokes and heart attacks. One group of chickens was given chlorine-contaminated water to drink while the other went without.

Results confirmed all the chickens that drank the contaminated water showed some levels of heart and circulatory diseases. During winter, these chickens further displayed symptoms of poor health, such as poor circulation, reduced activity levels and shivering. The group that went without chlorine grew up much faster and displayed vigorous health.

Bad Taste and Odour
Apart from its health risks, chlorine contaminated water is a primary cause of odour and bad taste in drinking water. The unpleasant taste may cause your children to opt for less healthful beverages to hydrate and refresh themselves, such as teas, soft drinks and other sweetened drinks that are detrimental for their health. In addition, the decreased intake of water is prone to affect their health negatively.