The benefits of water filtration

When we moved to Spain back in 2012 one of the first things on our shopping list was a whole house water filtration system. During renovations we made all the pipework so that we easily could connect the filtration system. We even added a 3M drinking water filter, even if this is a little bit over the top as all the water in the house already have been filtrated. This mean that we have been drinking tap water in Spain for 8 years, without any problems. And our skin doesn’t get irritated from all the chlorine in the water, and our hair is softer than what it would be with chlorine in the shower water. Add to this that our coffee machine, dish washer, washing machine all have very limited limescale, hardly any. We know the benefits of water filtration.

Fresh Water focuses on the Costa Blanca region in Spain. We both sell and install water filtration systems. Smaller systems we install ourselves, whole house systems are in most cases installed by local plumbers. We also sell directly to plumbers, so that they can serve their own customers directly. You can of course purchase our products if you live in other parts of Spain, and some of our products are also available to all of Europe. The under-sink filters you can install yourself, we will give you detailed instructions, whole house filters should be installed by a professional.

The obvious positive sides of a filtration system are better water, but we also believe people need to do more to stop plastic waste in Spain. This reason alone should be a good enough reason to install a filter and stop buying plastic bottles. Just make sure you chose a good quality filtration system, many of the cheaper options, or unoriginal filter replacements, have no certification. If a product is not certified then it probably doesn’t deliver much on its promises…

Our company
Fresh Water is our brand, our company name is Awasi S.L., registered in Spain. Awasi S.L. have been in business since 2011, we are a company you can trust. We launched Fresh Water in 2020 as we wanted to offer quality products and services to both foreigners and locals when it comes to water filtration. Our goal is to become the preferred choice for water filtration on the Costa Blanca, while also serving customers around Europe from our web shop.